Welcome to Clark & Co.,
a marketing consultancy
under the direction of Holly K. Clark.

Established in 2015, we are a full-service agency that built its reputation serving the needs of small business.


Visual Identity

The visual aspect of branding that's created to evoke certain feelings and experiences from a brand. [Project Example: MARKET DAY]

Print Advertising

A form of advertising that uses physically printed media, such as magazines and newspapers, to reach consumers. [Project Example: CREATE WEST VIRGINIA]

Digital Advertising

A form of advertising which uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to consumers. [Project Example: MIKE LILLY FENCE]

Video Production

The process of producing video content. [Example Project: MATT WENDER CAMPAIGN]

Packaging Design

The process of designing product packaging, such as the design of a bottle or box for the product carton. [Example Project: BIOVITA]

Signage Design

The design of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing to consumers. [Example Project: NEW RIVER YOGA]

Clients Say

Clark & Co. has consistently provided the best design and marketing we've used in more than 25 years. Their services are rendered on time. Their designs are sure and to spec. Their marketing reports are based on facts, not assumptions. We recommend them to our clients without hesitancy.

David Sibray West Virginia Explorer

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